Some of Joe Dea's many directing credits:


What Went Down  re-creation director & co-host - History / CDTV

Fraud Squad  CourtTV Canada / FSTV Prods

Food Tech Field  History / Actuality

Knight School with Bobby Knight  ESPN

Motor Sport Ranch (pilot)  Voom HD Networks / HD Republic

Disney Lunchtime  Disney Channel

OnDirecTV   DirecTV

Movies for Guys Who Like Movies  TBS / Norseman Prod

Rock & Roll Hotel (pilot)  VH1 / Film Garden Ent.

The 5th Wheel   Universal / Renegade

Mostly True Stories  TLC / Burrud Productions (Field Director/Field Producer)

Worse Case Scenario  TBS / Sony Tri Star

A Wedding Story (senior director 48 of 65 shows)  TLC - Film Garden Ent.

AXN TV   Columbia Tri-Star / Fox Family

Wild Things  UPN - WT Productions

What a World   TLC - Film Garden Ent.

Fool For Love (pilot for Fake-A-Date)  GSN / Carsey Warner / Montana Prod.

AudioFile  TechTV

Inside Out: Disney World's 25th  Disney Channel / Brad Lackman Prod

Ancient Prophecies  NBC / Greystone

Brain Attack with Stephanie Powers  A Doctor in Your House Prod

Planet Hollywood TV   Planet Hollywood / Chuck Cirino Prod. (pilot)  Warner Bros. Television

Secrets Revealed  NBC - Dave Bell & Associates

Masters of Illusion  NBC / GRB

Jocks  Comedy Central / Popular Arts

Real Romance  Romance Classics / Film Garden Ent.

Extreme World Records  UPN / The Gurin Company

Extreme Weekend  ABC / InterSport

The Worlds Greatest Stunts  FOX / GRB

Worlds Funniest Kids (wrap arounds)  FOX / Brad Lachman Productions

The Majic Bus (pilot)  Film Garden Ent.

Marshal Law  TLC

Burt Reynolds One Man Show (commercial)  Reynolds Productions

Cooking a Turkey with Ellen Degeneris  Beserkly Home Video

Missing Reward  Four Point Entertainment

Final Vision  NBC / Greystone

Tribute to Ian Fleming  Robert Halmi Jr / GRB

Dracula The Series (pilot)  Robert Halmi Jr / GRB

Movie Magic  Discovery / GRB

America's Most Wanted  FOX

Sightings   Field Director/Producer Fox / Berkley Group

Scandals  ABC / Stephen J. Cannell 

Secrets and Mysteries  ABC / Greystone Ent.

New Visions of the Future  NBC / Greystone Ent.

Comedy Break   Syndicated / Viacom

Playboy Behind the Scenes  Playboy TV

Playboy 360  Playboy TV

Weekend Flash/Man on the Street  Playboy TV

ABC Rocks  ABC / GRB Ent.

Little Fred's Revenge (commercial)  Federated / Shadoe Stevens Ent.


VIDEOWEST Productions  Senior Director of Comedy  & Music Videos (4 years)

  · Take Off / Night Flight - USA Network

  · Backstage Pass - ABC

  · Best of Video West - KQED/PBS syndicated nationally

  · TestTube - KQED/PBS syndicated nationally

  · Beach Blanket Armageddon - A New Wave Punk Rock Opera - KQED/PBS


CORPORATE - AMGEN, American Film Institute, Mattel, Apple, USC Medical Center


Music Video Director - over 30 music videos (see awards)



Emmy Award  Creative Technical Crafts - Secrets and Mysteries

Emmy Award  Directing - Single Camera - Reunited (Greg Kihn Band)

Emmy Award  Directing - Single Camera - Happy Man (Greg Kihn Band)

Emmy Award  Directing - Single Camera - Two Triple Cheese (Commander Cody)

Billboard Award nomination  Directing - Life Takes A Life (Jon Butcher Axis)


Rolling Stone Magazine's Music Video Hall of Fame

   · Commander Cody: Two Triple CheeseRolling


Rolling Stone Magazine's All-Time Top 100 Videos

   · Greg Kihn: Jeopardy & Happy Man

   · Jon Butcher Axis: Life Takes a Life

   · Krokus: Screaming in the Night


RIAA Gold Record Award - Krokus - Head Hunter - Eat the Rich & Screaming in the Knight


Two Triple Cheese is in the permanent collection of the NY Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)